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We all know that water has a calming effect that can instantly transform our mood, as it invokes feelings of serenity and relaxation. Out of the many special features that you can add to personalize your landscaping, water may be the best one of all. Beautiful Blooms Landscaping creates high-end outdoor living spaces and can help make your home’s exterior a true resort-like space you will never want to leave! Here are some ways that we can incorporate water into your landscape design through a water feature.

Landscaping Water Feature

Waterfalls & Water Walls

We can add a wide range of water features to your property, including different types of water walls and waterfalls. Whether you want a cascading water wall, a standard waterfall, or a pondless waterfall, our design experts can show you what would work best in your landscape design and provide the soothing effect you want to achieve.

Water Fountains & Bird Baths

Beautiful Blooms Landscaping can design the ultimate water fountain as a focal point of your outdoor space or craft a boulder fountain or extravagant container fountain. We use various materials, containers, and stones to customize a charming and elegant oasis right in your backyard. If you enjoy fauna as much as flora, then a birdbath in your garden would make a great gathering place for the majestic wildlife.

A Water Garden or Rain Garden

You can use a depressed area on a natural slope in your landscape to collect water runoff to help your landscaping flourish. This will temporarily hold in water as it soaks into the ground, naturally filtering out pollutants before they enter streams and ponds. However you want to incorporate water into your landscaping, our professionals will customize a space for you to enjoy time and again.

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Let Beautiful Blooms Landscaping create a beautiful space with our extensive knowledge of outdoor and backyard design. In addition to our exclusive fountains and water features, we can include many other elements in your landscape design, such as walkways, pavilions, pergolas, retaining walls, and more. Contact us today at (904) 744-8686 for more information about us or to request a consultation with one of our design professionals. We serve Jacksonville, Florida, along with the surrounding areas of Nassau County, Amelia Island, Jacksonville Beach, and Duval County.