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As a Florida resident, you understand that we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy our flora year-round. That also means that maintaining a lawn and garden can be challenging, but one thing is certain: A healthy landscape must receive adequate hydration to survive and thrive. Consider these three benefits of a professional lawn irrigation system installed by Beautiful Blooms Landscaping to ensure a lush lawn all through the year in Florida’s climate.

Lawn Irrigation System

1. Keep Your Lawn Green and Lush

There’s no better way to protect your lawn and landscaping than to ensure it is adequately watered all year long. The experts at Beautiful Blooms Landscaping can either modify an existing above-ground sprinkler system or design and install a new in-ground sprinkler system. Whatever your landscaping needs, our sprinkler systems will provide 100% coverage for all plant material installed. 

2. Automatically Water Your Flowers

With an irrigation system, there is no need to manually water your lawn, garden, or landscaping each day. You can have the peace of mind that your flowers will be watered automatically, and there will be no dry spots. Instead, the in-ground sprinkler system will soak all perennials, annuals, trees, and shrubs.

3. Manage Your Landscaping on a Schedule 

With a professional irrigation system, your lawn’s health won’t have to depend on you finding the time to drag out your hose and water sprinklers at the end of the day. We can create a watering schedule for you based on your individual landscape needs. You can also choose our optional maintenance contract to efficiently maintain your irrigation system throughout the year.

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If you are ready to enhance your home’s curb appeal, the team at Beautiful Blooms Landscaping can design and implement an elaborate landscape plan for you. Contact us today at (904) 744-8686 to request a consultation. We’ll take all the time necessary to discuss the needs, goals, and wishes you have in mind for your property. We serve residents in Jacksonville, Florida, along with the nearby communities of Nassau County, Amelia Island, Jacksonville Beach, and Duval County, with our services.