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If you enjoy hosting guests at your Jacksonville home, there’s nothing better than having a dedicated space to connect with friends and family. These meaningful moments are just as important with small, intimate gatherings as they area with large groups of guests. With the right design elements, you can transform your backyard into an outdoor sanctuary that will leave you and your guests feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Consider Beautiful Blooms Landscaping to help you create the ultimate outdoor space for your entertaining and socializing endeavors that are perfectly tailored to your hosting style.

Landscape Design for Entertaining

Your Outdoor Dining Space 

You’ll have to determine whether you prefer a cozy, rustic atmosphere or need a more elegant and spacious gathering place for your guests to dine. When you think back to when you hosted guests inside your home, do you see a few people casually gathered around the kitchen? Or, do your memories recall a more formal environment with more people seated in your dining space? Depending on the types of gatherings you typically host, you might need a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen or a more simple space customized with a grill and a bar area. 

Your Conversation Area

Think about the type of place you want to create for you and your guests to congregate, which could even be the focal point of your backyard. We can design a more formal outdoor living room with a fireplace underneath a pavilion for shelter. Or, if you want a more intimate and casual atmosphere, we can create a seating area around a fire pit for you to converse with your family and friends. Whichever style of seating area works best for the kinds of gatherings you host, we will strategically locate it to flow naturally into your other hardscaping elements.

Your Ideal Lighting Solution

Outdoor lighting can create an attractive landscape to enhance your entertaining spaces. Let us customize some outdoor lighting to achieve the atmosphere you want to foster for hosting your guests. We can design patio lighting, deck lighting, garden lighting, architectural lighting, pathway lighting, water lighting, and more. You can trust our design experts to create an extraordinary outdoor oasis where you can entertain family and friends for years.

Request a Consultation 

Beautiful Blooms Landscaping has the expertise and extensive knowledge to create an ideal outdoor landscape for you to entertain guests at your home. We specialize in designing and building high-end outdoor spaces that meet the unique needs of our clients. Contact us today at (904) 744-8686 to request a consultationSince 1994, we have served residents in Jacksonville, Florida, along with the nearby communities of Nassau County, Amelia Island, Jacksonville Beach, and Duval County, with our services.