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Just as we adorn the inside of our homes with artwork and decor that reflects our personal style and aesthetic, we should also embellish the exterior of our homes with elements that achieve the same end. Perhaps you’ve never even considered the ways that you can incorporate your personality and taste into your outdoor space. Beautiful Blooms Landscaping designs and builds high-end landscapes for our clients with our professional team of designers, and we have installed a wide variety of outdoor living spaces for almost 30 years. Let us showcase three ways that we can fuse art and nature together as we create a vision for your landscaping design. 

Fuse art with nature through landscaping

1. A Custom Water Feature

There’s nothing more beautiful and serene than a water feature that resembles a work of art. Let our professionals turn water into art by designing and installing a container fountain, boulder fountain, statue fountain, or other water feature that can serve as a focal point in your landscaping. Also, an elegant bird bath can create the perfect blending of art and nature right in your garden.

2. A Decorative Walkway

Even though walkways serve the functional purpose of leading you to your front door and connecting hardscaping elements in your backyard, they can also boost the style of your outdoor space. Just as you might choose a decorative rug to place on your interior flooring, you can choose a decorative walkway design for your exterior grounds. We can customize it with stepping stones, brick, stamped concrete, flagstone, natural stone, or whatever you feel best expresses your personal style.

3. A Unique Fire Feature

A fire feature is much more than a bonfire in your backyard; but a work of art utilizing the mesmerizing power of fire. There are many options for incorporating a fire feature into your landscaping design. Imagine a fire bowl, column, or table to illuminate your outside space and draw eyes to its warm glow. You could also combine a fire feature and a water feature into an especially unique element that will make an artistic statement. 

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At Beautiful Blooms Landscaping, we specialize in creating colorful backyards, vibrant landscapes, and outdoor sanctuaries. Our expert designers will walk you through the entire landscape renovation to bring your vision to life. Contact us today at (904) 744-8686 to request a consultation with one of our design professionals. We serve Jacksonville, Florida, along with the surrounding areas of Nassau County, Amelia Island, Jacksonville Beach, and Duval County.