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When you contact us, we will set up a meeting between you and one of our designers. Our only requirement is that your job would meet a minimum of one day’s worth of work for one of our smaller crews. When we meet with you, we walk through your property and talk about your vision for you property, your personal style and needs, and potential solutions to any problem areas you might have. After our consultation, we take pictures and measurements of your property, bring them back to our studio and begin the design process.

In preparation for our first time consultation, we request that you email a survey plat (so we can prepare a basemap) and images to help us begin to envision what you have in mind.


We have 25+ years of landscape design and horticultural experience in the North Florida region. We are active members of FNGLA in order to stay up to date on pertinent knowledge and are best prepared to respond to the issues that you might be facing. We are also constantly communicating with local nurseries to make sure that our customers have access to the best quality plant material and that it is best suited for a gorgeous, long-lasting landscape.


Every situation is unique, but in most cases it will take a minimum of ten days to get back to you with a proposed design and itemized estimate after our initial consultation. We ask that you are patient during this time because every Beautiful Blooms Landscape begins with a thoughtful and well informed landscape plan. We are professional landscape designers and our experience is that thoughtful design, accurate estimates, and coordinating a successful job installation all take some preparation time. We make a conscious effort to come out and consider soil and light conditions, as well as aesthetic quality to compliment your home and its surrounding.

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For small-scale Landscape Designs:

When we have completed our landscape design we will send you a plan view of your property with the proposed planting design, plant names, sizes, and quantities. This plan is usually an 11″X17″ PDF and is in 1″:10′ or 1″:20′ scale. We also send a comprehensive and itemized estimate. If you have any questions or changes to the estimate at this time, we work with you to meet your needs or budget within reason.

HOA/POA Landscape Designs

We realize that large-scale plans tend to be even more time intensive. so if you live in a community that requires HOA/POA approval, know that we are prepared to work with you, design plans according to their specifications, and submit plans for you. In most circumstances that require an HOA/POA approval, we assemble a 2 page 24″X 36″ landscape design plan complete with calculations, a plant list, construction details, and specifications for your project. Depending on the intensity of the project, we may charge a nominal fee to cover our time invested.

Our estimates are comprehensive. They include plant material, pavers, irrigation adjustments, deliveries, cleanup, labor, machinery etc. are all listed on their own lines with quantities and pricing. This way, as you begin to think of revisions that you would like to make, it is easier for you to begin to recalculate according to your changes. We will send an estimate along with our initial landscape design, but in most cases we will wait until revisions are final before sending a final estimate.

We do offer perspective Illustratives, but due to the amount of time it takes to produce an image the starting price for rendering an image is $200.


From this point, we like to give you a little time to digest the plans. Ideally, we talk about any questions you might have during our follow up meeting. It is common to have a short revision period before we move forward.

Should you decide to move forward with Beautiful Blooms, we schedule the days for building out your project, accept a down payment of 1/3 the total estimate, begin ordering materials, and prepare for installation.

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