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An al fresco living room is the perfect extension of your indoor living space that flows seamlessly to the outdoors. Since the warm Florida climate allows you to enjoy outdoor entertaining year-round, a backyard living area can be a functional and aesthetically appealing upgrade to your property. At Beautiful Blooms Landscaping, we specialize in designing luxurious outdoor spaces to enhance your outdoor living experience. Let’s explore how pavilions, pergolas, and patios can be the perfect setting for your outdoor living room. 

Florida Landscape Design

Backyard Pavilion 

If you want a sheltered seating area, either on your patio or separate from it, a backyard pavilion is an ideal option. A pavilion is a large structure with a full roof but no sides or floor, and it can sit on your patio, concrete, or pool decking. The perfect space for an outdoor living room, a pavilion offers shade and a cooling breeze from a ceiling fan. You can make it feel inviting with an outdoor furniture set and complete the cozy living room atmosphere with an outdoor fireplace or a water feature.

Outdoor Pergola 

A backyard pergola can be designed in various styles, from simple to elaborate, and can be the perfect location for your backyard living room. It will provide some shade from the sun and can be adorned with outdoor lights and curtains. As with a pavilion, you can include some hardscaping elements, like a fire feature, to create a warm ambiance that makes it feel like a living space. Add your favorite patio furniture, and you will have the perfect spot for entertaining guests.

Back Patio

A patio is the perfect setting for your outdoor living room. We can make your patio feel like the ultimate backyard retreat as you exit through your back door and into your personal oasis. Our professionals can install an outdoor fireplace, a fire feature, a water feature, or anything else that will make the space feel like a spa retreat. Outdoor patio lighting will illuminate and accentuate your patio space, making it the focal point of your backyard. 

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