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3 Ways to Create Ambiance and Security for Your Home

There’s something magical about spending time outdoors at your Florida home after the sun goes down. Whether relaxing with company or just enjoying the peaceful stillness of the evening air alone, you can use lighting to create an atmosphere that beckons you to stay awhile. Exterior lighting serves many purposes, from creating a relaxing atmosphere to making your home more secure. Beautiful Blooms Landscaping specializes in outdoor lighting, and in this article, we’ll explore three ways it can transform your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Lighting Design

1. Lighting Creates the Ultimate Ambience

Outdoor lighting feels magical against a dark sky and creates the ultimate relaxing ambiance. Lights serve an important purpose but can also define the atmosphere you want to establish in your personal oasis. LED candle lights will make your outdoor living space feel cozy and inviting, while lantern lights or string lights around a patio, pergola, or pavilion will give your space a festive vibe.

2. Lighting Amplifies the Elements around Your Property 

The experts at Beautiful Blooms Landscaping can create a masterpiece with patio lighting, deck lighting, garden lighting, and pathway lighting. We could use uplighting to highlight all of the landscaping elements around your property and in your garden and create dramatic shadows to draw the eye. Or, imagine water lighting illuminating your fountain or pond lights floating through your pond. Garden wall lights and outdoor flood lights will provide ample light and contribute to your overall aesthetic as a focal point.

3. Lighting Makes Your Home Safe and Secure 

A well-lit home will feel safer and more secure than a dark one. We can illuminate entry points, driveways, walkways, and other dark corners around your home to deter any nighttime intruders on your property. Outdoor lighting also makes your property easier to navigate in the dark for the members of your household and visitors. 

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